Bilboquet, from 1974.

Bilboquet is born in 1974 from an intuition of Paolo Tomei. The concept was to create a state-of-the-art space where innovative and exclusive styles were experimented,for a woman out of the ordinary one but full of charme and elegance. Year after year this 'must' has become so progressively greater, that during the ’90, Paolo decided to open a second adjacent boutique . You can purchase a style from Bilboquet for sure, it is the classical boutique that takes care and knows its historical clients and it realizes and creates, from immediately, a strong connection with the new clientele. Bilboquet...a style.

How do you imagine a poet?

What Ann Demeulemeester thinks about “black”? “Black is not sad, bright colors are what drepresses me. They are so empty. Black is poetic. how do you imagine a poet? In bright yellow jacket? …probably not.”

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